Catherine Castleberry is bringing her dream business to life.
The recent bride – who said she loved her wedding so much she wanted to help others plan theirs – is one step closer to making a new business a reality.
In the Woods Events started life last year as nothing more than a thought of something to do with 35 acres of family-owned property at 2173 Cartersville Highway.
“About a year or so ago my dad and I sat down and talked about it and decided to start working on it this year,” Castleberry said. “This is kind of my dream job. I graduated from Georgia with a marketing degree, and so having a job in events planning is a dream come true.”
After developing a plan and putting together funds, Castleberry is leading the way in bringing In the Woods Events to life.
The family property will play host to an upscale events center with a rustic quality, utilizing both new and old to put a special touch on big days.
Castleberry said the property could be ready to start hosting events in a reception hall as soon as holiday season if expansion work on the building goes as planned.
It will be spring before In the Woods Events will be ready to start hosting weddings on the weekends, since a 3,200-square-foot pavilion still needs to be built on the property to accommodate ceremonies.
Additions are being made to a barn turned reception hall for catering and bathroom facilities.
Existing cabins and a building will be used a bridal and groom suites, she said, and an optional honeymoon suite is also available when wedding season starts.
She said she will provide event space not only for weddings, but for corporate events, fund raisers and more at In the Woods.
However, she expects the business will have peak months from April through June and September through November.
“We’re hoping to draw a higher end market for weddings and events,” she said.
Castleberry said there’s already a lot of interest in using In the Woods – to be located at 2173 Cartersville Highway – to host events such as Christmas and birthday parties at the beginning of the year, and expects that wedding season will bring booming business. She expects to start weddings in Spring 2016.
“Our goal is for most of our weekends in the future to be focused on weddings, especially during the peak season,” Castleberry said.
In the Woods Events will soon have a website launched at, but people can go on Facebook now and search for “In the Woods Events” to find the page for the business.
There was only one caveat to Castleberry moving forward with the family business plans on the Cartersville Highway acreage.
County commissioners voted during their monthly meeting on Oct. 14 to grant a special use permit for the property following Castleberry’s presentation during a public hearing during the county’s Oct. 13 work session.
Commissioners told Castleberry following her presentation that they applauded the business idea.
“As a citizen of the county, this is really exciting,” said commissioner Scotty Tillery. “It’s a wonderful investment that’s being built right here.”
With approval in hand, Castleberry is confident the business will attract all kinds of special events.
“We’re open to anything people are willing to ask about,” she said.


Images by Novus Designs
Article by Kevin Myrick